Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy: April 8, 2021
This page lists the types of information that we collect from our users and shows what exactly we use that information for. We want to make sure you are aware of it so that you always see the whole picture of your interaction with us. Please read this Privacy Policy in full as by installing our extension or visiting our website you express your acceptance of the practices we list here. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, don’t hesitate to contact our Support service.

What type of information does Adblock for Chrome™ collect?
Adblock for Chrome™ doesn't store any user data on its own servers. We utilize the industry standard third party Google Analytics service to collect certain information about our visitors to better understand their experience. These information include the users' time spent on our site, session length and frequency, return rate, technical information such as browser type, version, screen resolution and more. We don't collect any device identifier or personal information, IP addresses are anonymized before transmitted. Every information that is collected is highly encrypted.

What does Adblock for Chrome™ do with the information collected?
We look at the aggregated usage statistics to better understand whereAdblock for Chrome™ needs improving, monitor overall speed issues, error rates. We look at what devices, browsers and resolutions to support. We consider language and other locale information to determine what possible localizations would be most useful to our users.

The above mentioned data we collect will be used to improve the user experience of Adblock for Chrome™ in general. All the data we collect are handled by the service of Google analytics. We are never sharing your data with any third party.

Adblock for Chrome™ requires a certain amount of permissions so you can enjoy its full potential. For security reasons we use the narrowest permissions available to still provide you the full functionality. These permissions are:
tabs - to determine, if there is an ad on the current tab
contextMenus, privacy, webNavigation, webRequest & blocking - to provide the core functionality
http://*/* & https://*/* - to provide the core functionality on all websites
storage & unlimitedStorage - to save settings

Data may be kept indefinitely.

How do I opt out?
You can opt out of the Google Analytics service. Other than that you can always opt out by uninstalling our software.

Your personal identifiable data is never bartered or sold for commercial gain.

Your personal data is never given to advertisers.

Law Enforcement
Data is given to law enforcement only when legal process is followed.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact hello(at)